Our Mission



The ML CTO ACADEMY is an educational and scientific association aiming to improve patient care through the support of teaching, science, research and clinical practice in the field of interventional cardiology, focusing on coronary chronic occlusions treatment.

All CTO operators have the opportunity to become a member of the Academy.

As for today, we observe very few thorough studies among the international CTO community, mainly due to the small numbers of centers included into the process of patients’ recruitment.

ML CTO ACADEMY has firstly been created to support innovation and research.

Our main objective is to offer to all members an opportunity to participate to our registries, in accordance with their national ethical committees’ regulations, and to submit topics, which will be discussed and selected by the Board.

Each member can also participate and include their case datas in purpose of publications, and/or to present during the ML CTO Course.

The Academy aims to improve ethical, technical and material conditions in coronary chronic occlusions treatment to enhance patient care.

Its mission is also to provide continuing education and training for its members, with an active personal involvement and interest in CTO PCI and to promote the exchange of ideas, experience and information for the further direction and goals of this niche treatment.