Welcome to our ML CTO Academy clinical cases submission area !

The selected cases will be displayed into the video library, and the best ones will see their authors invited to present onstage during the ML CTO Courses.
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Requirements and guidance for submitting clinic case

Categories (only one to be selected):

Describe your clinical case in few lines (500 words max)
Presentation should be presented in the following order:
– Patient’s presentation
– Diagnosis
– Procedure details
– Procedure outcomes

Format:  powerpoint / keynote / video files max upload 128 Mo.

If you have any problem, please contact us: academy@mlcto.com

If your case get selected for online display you will receive an email from the ML CTO Academy Board.
The selection of the best cases will occur few months before each ML CTO Course.
If your case get selected for onsite presentation, you will be contacted by the Course Organization.

Please download and use the PPT template below for your case submission

If not used, the Academy will not accept your case.

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