• Our mission
• Ongoing project
• Long term perspective

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Our mission

ML CTO Foundation is a French charity on a non-profit humanitarian basis, with an international dimension. The purpose of this association is to teach and promote the training of doctors in the field of interventional cardiology, in countries with limited educational resources; regardless of sex, race, color and religion.

Ongoing project

Cardiovascular disease accounts for the early death of millions of people each year in emerging and developing countries, mainly in Africa from lack of care. ML CTO Foundation provides voluntary training for physicians and fellows on the latest interventional cardiology process and devices. We want to lead them to autonomy and offer the opportunity to share and extend these techniques to their peers. While waiting to be able to go to hospitals to meet, discuss and study practical cases, we have created a complete digital training program based on clinical data. It is a series of 6 webinars which objectives is to develop the expertise in complex angioplasty techniques with a focus on chronic coronary occlusions.

Long term perspective

Our long-term goal is to extend our reach to developing countries in need, but also to develop a network of interventional cardiologists able to teach these techniques.

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